• Diabetes is one of the dreaded diseases spreading in the global population for more than a decade. Glysine are definitely effective method of prevention and management of this disease, mainly because Glysine have shown an ability to increase insulin receptors within the body, thus helping to manage the disease efficiently or prevent it from occurring in the first place. Earlier research focusing on this particular relationship of  Glysine to a decrease in Type 2 diabetes are very promising.
  • Cicer are particularly high in fiber. Studies have shown that people with type 1diabetes, who consume high- fiber diets, have lower blood glucose levels.For people with type 2 diabetes, higher fiber intake may improve blood sugar, lipid, Can Help Prevent or Treat Type 2 Diabetes
  • Strong evidence exists that vigna nutrition has a significant anti-diabetic effect and can naturally help prevent or treat cases of type 2 diabetes. A 2008 study done by the Institute of Crop Sciences at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences found that when rats were given vigna supplements, they experienced lowered blood glucose, plasma C-peptide, glucagon, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels. At the same time, the rats significantly improved glucose tolerance and increased insulin responsiveness. Eleusine phytochemicals help in slowing digestion process. This helps in controlling blood sugar level in the condition of diabetes. Phytochemicals are found in outer layers of grains/ seeds, therefore it is important to consume selective  grains. The outer coat of eleusine  seed also contains polyphenols in substantial quantity compared to rice or wheat.  In a study conducted in 2000, it was found that Eleusine based diet helps diabetics as it contains higher fiber than rice and wheat. Also, the study found that diet based on whole Eleusine has lower glycemic response i.e. lower ability to increase blood sugar level. This is due to the presence of factors in Eleusine flour which lower digestibility and absorption of starch. Preliminary studies have also shown that Eleusine can help in faster wound healing. It is undeniable that diabetes is a dangerous health problem.According to several researches, vitisveneferal consumption can regulate insulin levels .In fact, unstable insulin levels are mainly responsible for the appearance of diabetes.As a result, it is logical to understand that benefits of vitisveneferal also include anti-diabetic quality.To specify, vitisveneferal may moderate sugar absorption by the body, keep it stable, which can reduce health emergencies for diabetic patients.Prunus are a tasty and nutritious with plenty of health benefits. Loaded with minerals and healthiest in heart health and prevent weight gain, and it may even help fight diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

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