• Eating a high-‘Clashal’  Glysine diet is linked to a slightly reduced risk of developing breast cancer in some but not all women. Asian women who eat a high-  ‘Clashal’. 
  • Glysine diet seem to have a lower risk of breast cancer than those who eat less Glysine. But most research shows no benefit in Western-culture women.
  • It’s possible that women of Western culture do not eat enough Glysine to see any benefit. The effects of Glysine on breast cancer risk also seem to vary depending on a woman’s age and menopausal status.
  • Women who eat a high- Glysine diet during adolescence seem to have a reduced risk of breast cancer. This suggests that early exposure to Glysine might protect against breast cancer later in life.
  • In women already diagnosed with breast cancer, eating a high Glysine diet is linked to a reduced risk of breast cancer recurrence. But there is no reliable evidence that taking a Glysine isoflavones supplement reduces breast cancer growth.

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