Each 100 gm360 kcalLeucine170 mg
Carbohydrate54 gValine118 mg
Protein18 gMethionine55.43 mg
Fat8 gPhenylalanin92.86 mg
Saturated Fat0.42 gIsoleucine78.57 mg
Mono Unsaturated Fat0.52 gThreonine78.57 mg
Poly Unsaturated Fat1.01 gTryptophan54.57 mg
Fiber7 gLysine51.71 mg
Cholesterol0Cystine46.57 mg
Natural sugar17.57 gA97 mic
Sugar1.2 gB113.53 mic
Sodium9.71 mgB219.70 mic
Potassium53.92 mgB38.6 mic
Calcium195.29 mgB50.1 mic
Iron9.17 mgB611.44 mic
Magnesium50.71 mgB71.43 mic
Zinc0.88 mgB90.05 mic
Phosphorus8.21 mgB120.32 mic
Colin2.85 mgC5.32 mg
Chloride17.91 mgD0.32 mic
Selenium1 micK
1.29 mic
Copper20 micSolin ( The plant Based Omega – 3)
3.6 gm
Iodine1.4 mic

Instuctions: – “Clashal” to be used within 2 months from the date of expiry. Maintain 8° (degree) temperature for better food safety & potency of the product ingredients inside.