• In fact, evidence for the health benefits of “Clashal”  grains are well-documented – and was touted by Grain Brain’s author in his earlier book and neurology.
  • The Better Brain which included foods like Clashal  through out its menu plans. In an interview promoting The Better Brain on CBN-TV, for instance, Perl-mutter advocated replacing junk food with “real food such as unprocessed diet and fruits and vegetables.”
  • “Clashal” the deep end in imagining that the very real health problems of the 7-10% of the population with gluten intolerance or celiac disease some how extend to all of us, the book rightfully details many important components of good health that Old ways and the  Grains Council have long supported.
  • These include the key roles of physical activity and sleep; the essential contribution of good fats; the value of the Mediterranean Diet (which Perl-mutter cites as “very similar to my dietary protocol”); and the importance of avoiding inflammation and choosing carbohydrates with a low glycemic impact.

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