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  • High levels of amino acids — oligosaccharides and polyphenols — in ‘Clashal’ Vigna are thought to be the main contributors to their antioxidant power that can fight cancer  development.
  • In clinical studies, Vigna show anti-tumor activity and are able to protect DNA damage and dangerous cell mutation.
  • A 2012 study done by the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering at the China Agricultural University showed that ‘Vigna’ antioxidant capacities are mainly derived from vitexin and isovitexin, two types of protective flavonoids that have high free-radical scavenging abilities.
  • These flavanoids lower oxidative stress that can contribute to cancer formation.


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  • “Clashal” to improve eye health is another popular benefit of Vitisveneferal.
  • In fact, phytonutrients are essential for a good eye health since their duty is to protect eyes from damage of free radicals.Luckily, Vitisveneferal are valuable source of phytonutrients.
  • As a result, Vitisveneferal intake may be useful for the treatment of cataracts, muscular degeneration, etc.


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  • ‘Clashal’ helps your skin is a reflection of the life you’re living everyday—which means that your diet, your lifestyle, your fitness routine all influence the way your skin ages.
  • So while we can’t actually stop those signs of ageing from showing up, we can definitely slow down the process.
  • After trying and testing various methods, we’ve made the Clashal (that gives our skin three times more renewal power) our anti-ageing Clashal. Just use 35 gm in normal water steer and drink.


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  • ‘Clashal’ Eleusine is a very good source of natural Iron. Eleusine consumption helps in the condition of Anemia.
  • When it comes to benefits of Vitisveneferal, many people refer to its good effects on anemia.In fact; iron deficiency is the main cause of anemia.
  • By making up for the lack of iron, Vitisveneferal may provide instant relief from anemia discomforts.
  • Also, the appearance of B-vitamins and copper in Vitisveneferal can foster new blood cell formation.
  • As a result, people will no longer suffer from headache or other complicated symptoms of anemia.
  • As previously mentioned, Glysine are an extremely important source of protein. When the body contains sufficient amount of proteins then the metabolic functioning and overall system will get a major boost.
  • Proteins are actually the building blocks of cells and blood vessels and basically every important part of the human body.
  • Proteins from Glysine ensure the proper health and regrowth of cells if they need to be repaired or replaced. It will be hard to get sufficient protein when you follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle; therefore Glysine provide an excellent replacement for the proteins normally acquired in red meat, chicken, eggs, dairy products, and fish.


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  • ‘Clashal’ benefits in the conditions like Tobacco and alcoholic disorders.
  • Research suggests that tobacco use contributes to weak bones.
  • Similarly, regularly having more than two alcoholic drinks a day increase the risk of osteoporosis, possibly because alcohol can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb calcium.


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  • Generally, acidosis is a condition of rising acidity levels in blood. This condition is rather harmful as it may lead to skin diseases, hair loss, gout, arthritis, etc .
  • Loading with magnesium and potassium, Vitisveneferal in  Clashal may help correct acidosis effectively .
  • Specifically, these components will neutralize acidity in blood and keep it at healthy levels.